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FriYAY Family Fun Idea: Write a Wicked Awesome Bucket List

For this WICKED AWESOME Family Fun Idea I asked the girls to write down 5 places they want to go and 5 things they want to do- Here’s what we did & how we did it…

I am an avid list writer. I like to write down pretty much EVERYTHING! In addition to my daily to-do and shopping lists, I jot down my goals for the week, month and year. I also have a vision board of my 'life goals' that I hope to accomplish in my lifetime. All of these lists are eternally changing, but writing them down becomes a tangible reminder of what I hope to accomplish, and makes it easier to tick them off.

The other day after school, I decided to share this list writing hobby of mine with the girls. I sat the girls down and told them that the three of us each had to write down a bucket list of 5 places we want to go and 5 things we want to do. There was no time frame of when they'd like to accomplish them by, as I just wanted to see where their dreams were at if no restrictions were in place (ie. time and money etc.)

There was one stipulation:

No one could see what anyone else was writing until we were all finished.

Once all three of us were done, only then would we compare notes and discuss our individual 'bucket lists'. We'd talk about why we wanted to do and see the different items on our list. In turn, I would get to spend some uninterrupted time bonding with the girls.

Would any of us have the same destinations or adventures in mind?

Once we finished compiling our lists we each took turns reading them aloud, and if we had the same one as someone else we would notate it at a duplicate. If someone said something we wanted to do, but we didn't think to put it on our list, we added it.

Here are our final lists :

Ashley's List

Krista's List

Kylie's List

Here's what I learned:

All 3 of us really want to visit:

  • Costa Rica

  • Indonesia

  • Bora Bora

  • Tahiti

  • Fiji

All 3 of us really want to do:

  • Swim with pigs

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Horseback ride on the beach

  • Hawaiian Islands Cruise

  • Alaskan Cruise

  • Visit all the Disney parks

  • Have a family ski trip

  • & win the lotto 😂

Now I have a list of ideas for family vacations that would make everyone happy, but I better start saving my pennies now because these ladies have expensive taste 😉

Happy FriYAY Family Fun day!



*names have been changed to protect the innocent

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