Wicked Awesome Children's Books
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Wicked Awesome Stepmother

Written By: Ashley-Nichole

Illustrated By: Karen Light & Amanda Pletsch

When a single father introduces his girlfriend to his two young daughters it isn't quite the warmest of welcomes.  Though one daughter likes the idea of having another parent in the house, the other daughter is convinced her new stepmom figure is a bald, yet hairy, wicked witch.  No matter what her Wicked Awesome Stepmother says or does, Wicked Awesome Stepdaughter doesn't want any part of it.  

Will Wicked Awesome Stepdaughter's prickly and standoffish behavior finally make this witch disappear?  Or, will Wicked Awesome Stepmother stick through all the highs and lows of step-parenting to eventually win the affection of her new stepdaughter?


Spoken from the perspective of the child, Wicked Awesome Stepmother tells the story of blending families as a humorous and heartfelt satire that is relatable to both children and adults alike.



Imagination Express

Written By: Ashley-Nichole

In CoLLaboration With: Karolyn Denson-Landrieux

In a collaboration with Karolyn Denson-Landrieux, Ashley-Nichole will contribute to the upcoming Adventures of Maxine and Beanie children's book, Beanie's Bedtime Stories Anthology, with her short story titled, Imagination Express.

Imagination Express is for both children and adults alike who choose to see the world in vivid color and abstract thought by simply opening their minds.


The first stop onboard the Imagination Express is your very own backyard where you'll find creatures and critters playing together among a candy forest and putting on a show for you unlike anything you've ever seen before!  This is a performance, you surely won't want to miss, but first you'll have to get your ticket for the Imagination Express. 


Beanie's Bedtime Stories Anthology is a collection of short stories written by several authors who have come together in one book to bring back a sense of wonder to children during their ritual bedtime tales.

More info on Imagination Express and Beanie's Bedtime Stories Anthology coming VERY SOON!